Battle of the Great Cacapon

Battle of the Great Cacapon. 18 April 1756.  Captain John Mercer, brother to our Captain, George Mercer, was slain and scalped in this battle.

Yesterday was the Battle of Culloden 16 April 1746. Fort Cumberland was named after King George II’s third and youngest son, the one who hunted down the Scots in the aftermath, the one called the Butcher of Culloden.

The first son was Frederick, the one who had a Kennedy-esque following and for whom Frederick Co VA was named and whose wife Augusta had (at the time) the adjacent county named.

But TOMORROW? THAT is the BATTLE OF THE GREAT CACAPON, much, much closer to home. In fact 20 miles from Winchester VA, and whose aftermath brought court martials held IN WINCHESTER VA on cowardice and desertion for the first 3 days of May in 1756,

Here’s the scoop. This was probably our first newspaper war on the continent. Prior wars had no newspapers printing up the latest battle or outrage, as they called it.

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