• What is the cost of taking the King's Shilling?
  • What are the costs of outfitting yourself to join this Company?
  • Coming soon will be a list of purchases as I outfit myself to join.

For 4-Eyes, who need period frames for their lenses:

Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc.

Ordered: Wednesday 02 March, 2016

  • 1 x 1740-1800 Reproduction Glasses Frames with Lens Type Clear Plastic  GL-784 (GL-784) = $33.00
  • 1 x Tin Eyeglass Case Oval Deep   GL-786 (GL-786) = $40.00  <-- a little tight to put the glasses inside
  • And I decideded to add this:
    1 x Classic Fire Starting Kit  KT-192 (KT-192) = $20.00

  • Sub-Total: $93.00
  • Shipping Cost (Best Way - Free Shipping on orders $30 or More in the US Lower 48 states): $0.00
  • Total: $93.00
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First two pictures of shirt and tricorne hat - were given to me by a veteran re-enactor, our recruiting Sergeant, Tony Elar Jr.  He converted the bicorne he had into the tricorne and added a Turkey Vulture feather, the boss of the Skyline Drive skies.

Both shirt and tricorne are sitting on a drawing I am creating to depict our Captain George Mercer greeting the Cherokee at Fort Loudoun April 1757.  Third picture is of the Brown Bess.

Flash pan guard to be screwed on to the Brown Bess.

pic 3

British Army (First Model) Long Land Pattern Brown Bess Flintlock Musket - 549.00 USD

Ordered 3/2/16  Received 3/7/16

Click on link above or this - http://www.militaryheritage.com/musket6.htm

From the website link above: "While a new model was introduced in 1756, officials were insistent that the new musket would not be issued until the 1742 Long Land Musket stocks with Regiments and in the armouries had been depleted. This practice was confirmed when the 77th and 78th Regiments (Montgomery's and Fraser's Highlanders) were raised in 1757 for service in North America. Instead of receiving the new model, they received the 1742 model. In addition the reported replacement by numerous regiments of wooden rammers with steel ones also confirms the universal use of the 1742 model in the French and Indian War. The 1756 model is simply not suitable for French and Indian War reenactment."

pic 4

Italicized = purchased
Red Text = where to purchase item, click on link


  • Musket 1st Model Brown Bess Repro 550.00
  • Bayonet 55.00


  • Bayonet Scabbard  60.00
  • Musket sling  35.00
  • Cartriage Box  100.00 | JARNIGAN OR MILITARY HERITAGE
  • Belt and frog 155.00 | JARNAGIN OR MILITARY HERITAGE
  • Leggings 110.00
  • Tomahawk  -  many of the Va. Blues carried one Jarnagin sells a good one!


  • Glasses frames  33.00
  • Metal case for the glasses frames 40.00
  • Fire Starter Kit 20.00
  • Haversack  35.00
  • Stockings
    - Neck stock 10.00
    - Shoes 110.00
    - Shoe Buckels 35.00
  • Uniform 350.00  includes coat, vest and breeches | STEVE KERRY
  • Cartriage Box | STEVE KERRY
  • Military grade tricorn $ 75.00 | Tony Elar Jr


  • A bag of musket flints