Mercer greets 148 Cherokee

148 Cherokee walked up that hill you see on the photo for this page.  And they expected payment of a promise.  You wanna walk all the way from the Smokies and all you get is this @!?!!#@?  T-Shirt?  

Well, our Captain Mercer , aid de camp to George Washington who was running Fort Loudoun Winchester VA, April 21,22 in 1757 met this dissatisfied group, and he could see why they were mad.  

We hope one day, the Cherokee will come back here.   There are strong connections to the Cherokee here.

Mercer and Washington were good friends with the Gists, Christopher, the father, and Nathaniel the son – who it is said fathered Sequoyah, the Cherokee who created the Cherokee Syllabary, making writing and reading the Cherokee language possible.   

For the real Scoop? You could go down this rabbit hole and explore this warren of treasure. This story goes long and deep:

The Cherokee were promised by Lt Gov Dinwiddie, “presents.”  This meant clothes, blankets, weapons, shoes. 

After Mercer and Washington complained of this unmet promise, Washington was relieved (as in not allowed) of any role in dealing with any First Nations Allies. 

George Washington and his Regiment is to discontinue any parley, any communications with the Indian allies. Edmond Atkin from South Carolina is to take over that job, with a title similar to the one given Sir William Johnson who handles the northern Indian allies. The Act of Union in 1707 gave opportunity to many Scots, possibly similar on a surface level to Affirmative Action policies of today.