REVISED SCHEDULE: Brunswick Stew – F & I Muster Event

Abrams Delight – 1754

REVISED SCHEDULE – see map at end of schedule.

SATURDAY 9/22/2018
10am – Attention: Re-enactors arrive and set-up camps first, and must park in the Business Center parking area south of the site after camp set-ups.

Provincials set-up to the left of the 1780 cabin and herb garden.

French & Indian setup in back forty near green back shed.

NOTE: Firewood is in the shed on the east side of Abram’s house and fires authorized only in fire pit near 1780 cabin.

Water is available from spickets in front of the Bowling Green.

11am – Continued set-up, fire started in cooking pit, stews heating on tri-pods in the fire pit at right front of 1780 cabin.

Noon – Orders of the day distributed to re-enactors at rear of Virginia Regiment’s fly tent. Re-enactors and Camp Followers lunch at their own design.

1pm – Re-enactors and public to attend the Joseph Haynes presentation on Brunswick Stew, a Virginia tradition. This will be in the tent on the Bowling Green.

2pm – Joseph Haynes Stew Tasting and book signing in the tent on the Bowling Green.

2:30pm – Re-enactors will assemble at the Virginia camp and parade to the southern end of the Bowling Green.

2:45pm – Introduction by Tony Elar, Captain George Mercer Company of the Virginia Regiment.

  • Native American Women of the French and Indian War period – Guest Speaker is Debbie Swartz.
  • Eastern Woodland Indians of the Virginia Frontier – Jacob Dean, presenter.
  • The French Forces on the Virginia Frontier, presenters Eric Jones and Bill Molyneaux will interpret their French uniforms and tactics. French Forces will demonstrate their manual of arms and musket firing.
  • Provincial Forces – the Virginia Regiment and Colonial Forces will present Colonial Americans on the Virginia Frontier and their respective uniforms, drill tactics and musket firing.

4pm – Conclusion – remarks by Tony Elar, Captain, George Mercer Company, the Virginia Regiment

4:15pm – Firing of the “Feu de Joie” (Fire of Joy) in honor of our visiting French Forces. Provincials fire a volley in honor of King George II and Colonel Washington of the Virginia Blues.

4:45pm – Mitzy Bricker will conduct a taste test of the re-enactor’s Brunswick Stew at the fire pit, next to the 1780 cabin, and pick the winners.

5pm – Camps will be open to the public for interpretation of Camp Life in the period of the French and Indian War.

6pm – Stew, roasted corn-on-the-cob, hard bread, apples and – of course – grog will be served to the troops at the 1780 cabin. Courtesy of the Virginia Regiment.

SUNDAY 9/23/2018

9am – 11am – Visiting re-enactors are on their own to visit historic sites of Winchester, VA – includes Washington’s office, Stonewall Jackson office, Fort Loudoun, 1840s Court House and the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley.

Individual units will drill and interpret their regiments history on the Virginia Frontier.

11am – 1pm – LUNCH ON YOUR OWN

1pm – Re-enactors will parade to the Bowling Green for orders of the day and presentation of the Brunswick Stew winners.

1:30pm – French and Provincial Forces will return to their camp.


3pm – Camps disband and events concludes.


Layout of the event site.
Tent – Brunswick Stew event