Vandalia – Governor George Mercer?

Our emerging Captain Mercer Company, GW’s aid de camp, has trained our sights on how big the whole Mercer family was in George Washington’s life.

But for now VANDALIA is on our sights.  And what a rabbit hole this is !  Ready to go into the tunnel?

Vandalia? Not Vidalia Onions. It was a possible colony. In 1770.

And our Captain George Mercer saw potential to be Governor of it.

Governor of Vandalia. A colony named for Queen Charlotte (1744–1818) who was thought to have ancestry from the Vandals.

So fitting a  NAME for a rapacious land grab – a taking of land  from THE PEOPLE, about the only name the natives ever appropriated for themselves.

Never to be though. This Vandalia.

Our Captain George Mercer?  He did so much. His story doesn’t stop.

Sure he was Captain of one of two companies assigned to build Fort Loudoun here in Winchester VA. MAY 1756.

AND then as Lieutenant Colonel of the 2nd VA Regiment in the Forbes Expedition of 1758.  And in a horrific Friendly Fire action with George Washington.

And yes he joined with GW to represent old Frederick County VA in the House of Burgesses in July 1761.

And yes his Dad, had the largest library in the colony of Virginia, giving inspired but shallow comparison to the Library of Alexandria Egypt,  And his Dad had been lawyer to George Washington, and founder of the land seeking Ohio Company.

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